I'm an interface designer at Balsamiq, creator of the Wireframing tool, and co-author of the book Wireframing for Everyone, published by A Book Apart.

I worked in various roles prior as designer, information architect, and front end developer at companies including Sling Media, Sapient, Lucent Technologies, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was a volunteer and co-founder of the Information Architecture Institute and published several design blogs since 1998 including studio id, iaslash, urlgreyhot and the former design-focussed version of this site.

Below is a collection of design articles I wrote, presentations, and tools I made long ago.

Tools and DIY Resources

Prior to working at Balsamiq, the tool that I've shared that's been most used is a Wireframe Stencil made for OmniGraffle as well as some templates and icons. The stencil ships with the product. I hear from people occasionally that they still also the tools below.

Journals and Mini Books

Articles & Notes

My very old blog posts, design tools including the Wireframe Stencils and Icons that I made for OmniGraffle, galleries of interesting user interfaces and website designs (created by others) are archived and no longer updated.