I'm the UX Manager and interface designer at Balsamiq, creator of the Wireframing tool, and co-author of the book Wireframing for Everyone, published by A Book Apart.

I worked in various roles prior as designer, information architect, and front end developer at companies including Sling Media, Sapient, Bell Labs, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My CV is in LinkedIn. I was a co-founder of the Information Architecture Institute and published several blogs since 1998 including studio id, iaslash, urlgreyhot and the former version of this site.

Below is a collection of design articles I wrote, presentations, and tools I made long ago. I've also published several articles in journals. More info on publications can be found in Google Scholar. Several of my early website designs from the early 2000s have also been published in design books, which I've sadly discarded over the years.

Tools and DIY Resources

Prior to working at Balsamiq, the tool that I've shared that's been most used is a Wireframe Stencil made for OmniGraffle as well as some templates and icons. The stencil ships with the product. I hear from people occasionally that they still also use the tools below.

Journals and Mini Books

Really Old Stuff...

My very old design tools including the Wireframe Stencils and Icons that I made for OmniGraffle, galleries of interesting user interfaces and website designs (created by others) are archived and no longer updated.

I also had a sort of wiki where I kept definitions of UX techniques and topics that I would link to whenever it seemed helpful to provide background to colleagues or in articles I wrote. The topics included: Accessibility, Agile Process, Anti-Patterns, Card Sorting and Affinity Diagramming, Concept Design, Controlled Vocabulary, Dark Patterns, Definitions of the field, Deliverables, Design Pattern Repositories, Design Patterns, Discount Usability, Editorial Style Guides, Interface and Interaction Notation, Goal-Directed Design Process, Glossaries, Heuristic Evaluation, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Learn to Code, Lorem Ipsum, Noticeability Evaluation, Page Description Diagrams, Processes, Prototypes, Storyboards, Usability, Usability Testing, Unmoderated Remote Usability Testing, User Experience Design, User Interface Style Guides, User Interface Guidelines, and Wireframes.