A research technique for learning whether people notice key elements in your design.

An exercise during which users are asked to re-create a screen based on their memory.

Source: "What UX Research Can You Do with 5 Users in 1 Hour?," by Tomer Sharon. Asbury Agile 2012.

How to do it

1. Create an evaluation kit

  • Print any screen
  • Cut the screen into elements (leave some out)
  • Also print/cut some elements that weren't on the screen
  • Mix the pieces up
  • Sharpie and some extra paper

2. Give user a task to perform on a web site or app.

3. After the user performs the task, give them an evaluation kit. Tell them that the kit includes elements of the screen, and that they can also use the paper and pen to draw elements that are missing. Ask them to re-assemble the screen and observe.

Questions to ask

  • Did they put the key elements in place?
  • Did they leave out what doesn't belong?
  • Did they draw elements that weren't there.