This page describes the authoring and use of style guides created to ensure consistency across a product or web site. The style guide may cover anything from branding, usage of colors, and page layout, to development practices and standards.

Definition from STC

A user interface style guide can serve as:

  • A tool for ensuring consistency across a product set
  • A way to get groups to work together
  • The repository for design guidelines and standards
  • A training aid for new members of the product team

The creation of a style guide can serve as a focal activity for an integrated design team involving documentation, development, usability, graphic design, marketing, and other groups. ... The second purpose of a style guide is to describe the guidelines and standards for software or hardware products and (sometimes) the methods for ensuring consistency across products.

Source: Guidance on Style Guides. STC.

Note: UI Style Guides are not the same as Editorial Style Guides and User Interface Guidelines.

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