Sugagloss, a top end retailer of exclusive adult accessories, underwear and gifts.

Built completely in Flash around a massively enhanced Magento backend, it behaves like a designer shoppers dream – and yet with it’s HTML progressive build methodology it ticks all SEO best practice requirements – whilst never for a moment compromising it’s user centric, highly engaging environment.

Online Design Magazine Fontanel has a new website

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new website! In the past two years we grew to be the biggest design weblog in the Netherlands. We left the traditional weblog format behind us and chose for an online design magazine, with custom designed specials like interviews, book reviews and event reports. Go have a look and read about us below. For more information, questions and high-res imagery, contact us at

Merry Newsinator

So this year my company plaid decided to create a tool to help people save time around the holidays. It’s called the Merry Newsinator and it generates a customized personal newsletter in about 3 minutes. Anyways hope you like it and would love to see you post it. I have included one we did for santa claus below! Happy Holidays!

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