Sugagloss, a top end retailer of exclusive adult accessories, underwear and gifts.

Built completely in Flash around a massively enhanced Magento backend, it behaves like a designer shoppers dream – and yet with it’s HTML progressive build methodology it ticks all SEO best practice requirements – whilst never for a moment compromising it’s user centric, highly engaging environment.

Merry Newsinator

So this year my company plaid decided to create a tool to help people save time around the holidays. It's called the Merry Newsinator and it generates a customized personal newsletter in about 3 minutes. Anyways hope you like it and would love to see you post it. I have included one we did for santa claus below! Happy Holidays!


The portfolio site of the Webgriffe does an excellent job highlighting the work of a web agency with interests in both the fashion and design trends. The site immerse the user in a business catwalk video on the background. The studio worked hard to realize a SEO friendly dinamic flash site with deep linking navigation and high attention to usability.