The Filter is an portal that aggregates music, TV, and video content. The project was started by Peter Gabriel and is looking to get amass a community of users who are willing to rate content so they can provide recommendations back to the community.

The site is looking to be a comprehensive consumer experience for all media, and essentially is pulling content from various sources and providing a single interface for adding recommendations and usage metadata to that content within the confines of this community. Some things that stood out as being interesting are the ratings control, chart views, the customized video filter modules, and media embedding in Wall messages. On my Mac/Firefox I found the docked player to be a little buggy at times.

Because The Filter is focussed on a more diverse set of content than singularly minded music sites like and (which recently redesigned to also focus on your own media), they don't seem to pull off the experience as well as those niche communities. A lot of the browsing and paradigms are borrowed from social networking sites like and Facebook.