Hulu Registration

Simple registration form. No captcha in this form, although that could change when they get out of private beta. Having to click the check button seems unnecessary. A javascript check on blur would be better. This form might benefit from a little chunking, e.g. simple hairlines between some fields.

Netflix Registration

Registration at Netflix is a multi-page funnel. Form fields are laid out very well, and the flow is pretty simple considering the huge amount of text that surrounds the form. After entering your info, you can begin entering your genre preferences or search for videos to start adding to your queue.

1. Enter email address and password
2. Select plan option
3. Enter name and shipping info
4. Enter payment info

Photobucket Registration

Registration couldn't be simpler. 3 fields: enter a username and password twice and you're done. No captchas. Oops, is that screenname unavailable, well let's get alerted right away before you go on. Nice.

1. Enter username, AJAX error check and suggestions if username unavailable
2. Enter password

Sidebar Creative Contact Form

The contact page for this design agency features a clever use of an AJAX slider to allow potential clients to for entering their budget in the range of 10K to 500K. Interesting that the slider increments in 25K's up to 100K, then increments in 100K's. Once you get them on the phone, I suppose you can give them your real budget. Maybe that helps eliminate small jobs?

Yahoo! Registration

We happened to catch the Yahoo! registration pages when they were being redesigned in 2007. The first version was captured in November 2007 and the second is the prior version. The redesigned version is subtle, but really improves the user's flow through the form. It compresses the vertical height of the form and uses more conversational labels.

1. Registration screen
2. Old registration screen prior to Fall 2007