FanSnap is an event ticket search site that provides faceted results filtering. Users simply enter an upcoming event, and FanSnap returns a list of available tickets from vendors like StubHub, provides filtering by price, seating area, and ticket vendor. If a venue diagram is available seats are overlaid over the venue's seating chart. Users can sort and star/favorite available tickets in their "short list", and then click a link to purchase the tickets at the ticket vendor's site.

1. Search screen.
2. Results screen with filtering options on the left, map of venue in center with markers color coded to ticket prices. Hovering over a marker shows ticket info. Results list shown on the right.
3. Filtering options modified in the left sidebar. Shows areas narrowed and collapsed to only the options selected. Number of results is narrowed and updated in the right.
4. "Short list" in the upper right sidebar shows tickets that have been favorited. Hovering over a result displays a mouseover in the map.
5. Clicking a result shows ticket info and option to purchase.