Google have been doing some work getting some of their interfaces to be consistent with each other. GMail and Blogger now provide similar interface behaviors and controls, with slight differences. Other applications like Google Sites and Docs continue to have different controls.

Gmail and Blogger are among the simplest of these text editor interfaces, for good reason. In blogs and email, rich text formatting should be bare bones and out of the way as much as possible. Google is successful in understanding the differentiation in these use cases from text editing in wiki/site and word processing. The controls are intuitive and usable.

1. Font face selection is triggered via an icon rather than displaying all font faces. Default font face is indicated as "Normal."
2. Relative font sizes are used rather than numerical.
3. Color selection control for font color and background/highlight color.
4. Link creation dialog.
5. Selected text shown as link. When links are selected controls are displayed in the editor to modify the link.
6. List controls are displayed, toggled on when active.
7. Running spell check highlights misspelled words.
8. Composition form displayed in context of page.