The Holland Festival provides a program browser/calendar that provides an AJAX interface for viewing over 3 weeks of events in a grid. Drop down menus are provided to narrow or expand by genre, locale and route. A single toggle highlights featured events. And a sliding selector, which can be dragged to move the range left and right and with handles to narrow or expand the window, allows you to filter the days to be shown in the grid. Hovering over the individual events in the grid provides a link to show the details in a dialog layer.

1. The initial grid with all genres and locations shown.
2. Unchecking all genres allows the selection of individual values. Matches are highlighted in the grid and others are dimmed.
3. Selecting the Locations drop down and unchecking the "All" value allows the selection of individual values.
4. Velow the date range is narrowed using the handles, and the grid updates to show 1 column per day. The "Highlights" button is also checked and matches are shown with a yellow badge.