JS-Kit's ECHO is a service that can be embedded in CMS as a replacement for commenting, and provides a real-time stream of diggs, tweets, comments. The interface, at first blush, looks a bit like an email composition form, with From, To, and Body Fields. Selecting the From drop down menu shows options for logging in your identity via JS-Kit or a third party social networking API. The To: field adds "This Page" by default, meaning you're adding a comment to this page. It also allows you to enter other destinations, e.g. Twitter, FaceBook, FriendFeed, to alert your contacts in those social networks of your comment.

1. Default view of form, not logged in.
2. Identifying yourself by selecting a social network or other participating community via the From pop up menu.
3. Identity selected (Google Profile), and From: now showing name and avatar. Options to select other identities still visible, as is log out link.
4. Selecting destinations for your comment in the To: input via the pop up menu. Page is default, and other social networks shown selected and added to the input. Clicking X icon removes.
5. Adding images. Caption option is available.
6. Follow options allow you to get email notification or RSS.
7. Comment added.