Kontain is a social media site for sharing photos, video, and music. The site provides a large, simple search form at the top of most aggregate pages, and a pared down version of the search form in the upper right corner of single asset pages. A pull down menu to the right of the search input displays options for searching everything, or restricting to media types, users, or just updates.

The options are displayed as circles, and should function as radios. Unfortunately for me, on Firefox and Safari, the circles were sticking like check boxes, so I was a bit confused by this detail initially. The last selected option was always replaced in the form, but the other options could be toggled to have multiples selected. This may just be a bug, because the results are always scoped to the last selected option.

1. Site search at top of aggregate pages.
2. Pull down to scope search. Circles should function as radios, not checkboxes.
3. Search results shown, scoped to selected media type, with menu to change scope.
4. Compact site search in top right displays search scope pull down, but removes the submit button.