New York Magazine provides a site search form in the header with options to limit the scope of search, and features advanced filtering options on results page. The results page is simple on the surface, but provides powerful filtering options in the sidebar. The search strategy is shown with actions for removing terms from the search or clear all.

I found some of the behaviors on filtering options to be inconsistent with others. The Type and Publication Date facets provide tree-type fly out menus. But the Section and Author facets, provide bigger multi-column flyouts, triggered by "Show More" links. I haven't figured out my the trigger icon and style needed to be different.

1. Header showing search form in upper left.
2. When the input is in focus, search options are displayed.
3. Search options shown with radio selected.
4. Search results showing search strategy in top of sidebar, and filters for refining search below. Sort options shown in inline list.
5. Showing the search strategy box after removing the term "Blog."
6. Single column flyout menu under Type facet > Blog.
7. Show More link for flyout menu under Section facet.
8. Multi-column flyout menu after clicking Show More link in Section facet.