Sugar Inc. releases the OnSugar Blogging platform to let Sugar community members start their own sites. Based on the Drupal platform, OnSugar provides some very nice modifications to clean up and simplify the posting and content management interfaces provided by the popular open source CMS.

What I like most about what they've done with Drupal is the clean tabbed UI for content creation, the media embedding options for inserting images from Getty, ShopStyle, and Fashion week photos, and the excellent spread editor. Sugar have really thought about what users in their demo want from a CMS, since they're designing for themselves in a sense. One can only hope that what they've achieved here will be rolled back or inspire the content entry interfaces in future Drupal versions.

1. Registration
2. Site creation.
3. Site page with no content. User menu in a fixed position at the top.
4. New post entry form.
5. New "Spread" entry form. Spreads give users the ability to design a content spread.
6. Image selection from featured external partner sources.
7. The spread editor. Dragging and dropping media to lay out the spread.
8. Content published in user's site.
9. User's OnSugar dashboard.