System One is an enterprise content management platform that combines functionality of a wiki and CMS in a rich internet application environment. The article editor provides some interesting features and AJAX functionality, including a block/paragraph-level editor, drag and drop moving within an article, and related internal/external content suggestions.

1. The journal's multi-entry view.
2. Clicking the link to create a new page displays an input to provide the page name, and shows suggestions for pages that are similarly named. Clicking one of the suggestions allows the user to edit that page instead.
3. Editing the page. User enters text in the paragraph editor.
4. Selecting text to create a link.
5. Page is published with forward link. User may click link to edit.
6. User is now editing the new page from the forward link, and has clicked "Files" to add files to the page.
7. Clicking the lock icon allows user to set access control for a paragraph/block level element.
8. Images are added to the page.
9. Clicking the arrows on a block allows the user to drag and drop to move the block to another location in the page.