A friend sent me the link to VoteChooser to remind people before the primary to vote. The site consists of a single page wizard that asks you 10 questions about where you stand on political issues. The results page shows how your position aligns with those of presidential candidates in an attempt to help the undecided discover who might be the best person to vote for.

I hesitated at posting this with my results, because I don't want to make a political statement, but its useful to see how this simple questionnaire is very effective at helping to do a simple research task like figuring out what candidates stand for. The comparison and rank order is really quite an effective tool, and putting up something as simple as this combined with a voter registration form in kiosks at post offices, libraries, and shopping malls would be a pretty effective tool to help apathetic and uncertain voters. Individuals could take the poll and print out their results to take home with them.

The next thing the producers of this site might display to make a kiosk of this sort interesting are some statistics and a visualization for how the rest of the country answered these questions.

1. Answer questions to show where you stand on an issue.
2. Results show how your position aligns with candidates.