The Washington Post uses a related content widget created by Evri that indexes content using person, place, and thing (subject) facets and allows the Post to display a list of related content beneath news. The widget, which is actually a bit of SVG/VML and JavaScript, provides a small visualization of topics in the article, and allows the user to do some filtering of the related content. Navigating to topic pages provides a complete filtering view for exploring and narrowing related content.

1. This widget appearing at the bottom of an article in the Washington Post allows users to find related content. A diagram lists all indexed people, places, things (subjects) found in the current article.
2. Selecting "Obama" shows the other concepts that have content associated with Obama. The list of Obama content is shown below the diagram.
3. Selecting "Obama" and "General Motors." The topics update in the link list above the radial diagram and the related content list below is also updated.
4. Clicking the "Obama" text link shows an Obama topic page with allows the user to further explore related topics, and filter news on the topic.