Google Web Designer is design and development tools for creating interactive HTML5-based motion graphics. The tool looks like it’s targeted at advertising creative. It provides templates for banner ads, which makes sense, but can be used for generating any canvas motion graphics. The default layouts are for DoubleClick and AdMob mobile ads.

Web Designer is a web application that's built with HTML5, and runs natively on your desktop. It provides support for text, images, videos, and even provides bezier drawing tools for creating shapes and 3d objects. The pen tool itself is pretty exciting. The Quick vs. Advanced modes for animation are also interesting if you're not that interested in the details of how to render the timeline. When you're ready to publish, it creates clean human-readable HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript that can be minified and packaged into a zip.

Looks really useful, and not sure how this will affect other tools in the same category. I just started using Hype myself, so I'm paying attention.