Erlend posted on the Artueel blog about a great idea they had for mobile designers—a sketchpaper document you can print out (PDF and PSD formats available) so you can get your ideas on paper. They’ve created sketchpaper for the iPhone and the Nokia N95.

Since we‘re all big fans of the iPhone and the mobile future in general, we want to help the mobile designer achieving his goals. For those who like to sketch the design/flow of their mobile app or website we present you: sketch paper for the iPhone and Nokia N95.

Each document includes an image of the mobile device, space for a title, and a lined area for notes. Looks a lot like shells for wireframes and storyboards. There are pages to show the iPhone, for instance, in both landscape or portrait mode, with browser chrome, or stripped down for application designs. Several formats are included to show 1, 2, or 3 devices per page. Brilliant.