Sticky Jots is a set of storytelling sticky note paper and paper prototyping kits for designing mobile and tablet interfaces. The product is designed by Rae Milne and Pamela Jue, two grad students in the SVA Interaction Design program.

Pam writes about the thinking behind Sticky Jots.

The idea came from our constant prototyping and ideation process in almost every project this semester. While it’s great to do, it’s still frustrating how time consuming it can be. We started thinking more of how we can we integrate a better experience with our process so that it could be more collaborative and efficient with time.

They're going to be offering storyboard sticky notes, as well as mobile or tablet dot grid pads. There are also iPhone and iPad backs, which look like they'd be great for paper prototyping and testing. They've already surpassed their production cost goals on Kickstarter, which ends on Apr 24. Find out more about how to back the project.