Since starting work at Balsamiq I've been doing customer support every day. Part of that work is repeatedly referencing the same URLS and instructions for frequently asked questions. Peldi and Val handle the volume by using Typinator, a Mac utility that lets you define text shortcuts that you trigger to complete these answers.

Years ago, pre-OS X, used something called TypeIt4Me to handle this and am stoked to have this kind of a tool back in my aresenal. The email response stuff is cool, but what I've been using it for most is for all the different kinds of Lorem Ipsum greeking I use. For instance, I have single paragraph, single sentence, title/description/author, etc. What I'm also starting to do is to create these greeked text blocks formatted in Balsamiq's text syntax, which is kind of like markdown or wiki editing syntax. So can text in some controls to use flags for icons, to create font styles. etc.

Simple software like this saves your life from the monotony. This is easily one of the best pieces of software I used daily.