Everyone's getting in on on the physical paper capturing game using the iPhone's camera. Whitelines is one of my favorite sketch paper makers. They make great graph paper that reverses the grid using white lines over pale a gray paper. The result is that the grid it more subtle and less distracting

The Whitelines Link product is a free iPhone app that let's you capture sketches made on their new Whitelines Link papers. Position the phone over your paper, the app recognizes and aligns with the squares in the corners, and automatically captures it. You can then save your picture to Dropbox or Evernote or share it via email. If you check a box in the bottom of the sheet, and set a preference on the app, it will send your sketch to your preferred sharing destination automatically. You can even route them to a folder in Dropbox and label in Evernote.

Whitelines sells notebooks with the new sheets, but you can also download sheets for free in A4 and A5 sizes. Find out more here.